Sorry, Not Sorry…for this book review!

20161230_154734I will be the first to admit it, I’m a total Gleek. Although if I’m being completely honest, I will admit that I wasn’t always. In fact, I wasn’t on board until halfway through the second season. Glee for me, was an acquired taste. As a former theatre/high school music nerd, I had a multitude of critiques, chief among them being that I thought the show was over-dramatized. I went to a high school in a small, rural town just like the characters of Glee. And just like on Glee artsy kids were the wildly unpopular minority, but that being said no one ever slushied us or engaged in any similar behavior. People resented us plenty, but they mostly just made fun of us behind our backs and then left us alone in true self-absorbed high schooler fashion. Besides, those country bumpkins were too busy drinking ever clear and getting knocked up to do any real harm. Except when they were forced to sit through our performances, in which case they infuriated us by talking incessantly throughout and occasionally having a little too much fun with a well-placed laser pointer. All that being said, I’ve still watched every single episode multiple times. Shit, I own multiple Glee CDs. I’m not like, proud of it or anything, but that is the truth. And my favorite character, has always been Santana Lopez. Perhaps it’s because she’s so mean, and she gives voice to the kinds of mean thoughts I think but never say. Maybe it’s because she has the most unique singing voice of anyone on the show. I don’t really know, but suffice it to say that she’s totes my fav.

So this fall I read in People magazine that Naya Rivera, the actress who portrays my beloved Santana Lopes  had a book coming out, and I was pretty pumped. The article I read mentioned that she talks in her book about her boob job, her path to Glee, and her relationships with fellow cast members. Being a person who also loves a good celebrity memoir, I also own copies of Bette Midler’s A View From A Broad, and Fran Drescher’s Enter Whining, I devoured the copy of Sorry, Not Sorry my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Continue reading “Sorry, Not Sorry…for this book review!”