5 Books Arriving in October that I Can’t Wait to Read

If you’re like me, then you likely have an ever lengthening list of books that you can’t wait to read. Unfortunately, for me reading doesn’t pay the bills so I never seem to have enough hours in the day to devour each book on my list. Regardless, I am going to be making the time to read the 5 books on this list very soon.

the-rules-of-magic-9781501137471_hrThe Rules of Magic, by Alice Hoffman. Released October 10th, 2017.

Fans of Practical Magic unite! Alice Hoffman has gifted us with a prequel to the story that we have all come to know and love. Hoffman allows us to once again visit the spellbinding Owens women, but this time she will allow us to view the the lives of Franny, Jett, and Vincent. Lovers of Practical Magic will recognize Franny and Jett as the lovable, eccentric Aunts of Gillian and Sally. I’ve pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait to discover the magic within.



Where the past beginsWhere the Past Begins: a Writer’s Memoir, by Amy Tan. Released October 17th, 2017

As an aspiring writer, I have a fondness for reading the memoirs of famous authors. I always hope that I can absorb some of their wisdom, and that some little piece of what makes them special will rub off on me. That’s perhaps my selfish reason for seeking out books of this ilk, however the unselfish reason is that they are always without exception fascinating. I’m particularly excited to read Amy Tan’s memoir, I know that the author of the Joy Luck Club can only pen an incredible memoir.


Extra-NIKK-GIOVANNI-BOOK-COVER_t180A Good Cry: What we Learn from Tears and Laughter, by Nikki Giovanni. Released October, 24th 2017.

It seems that October must be a lucky month for me. Not one but two memoirs by writers  I admire. Nikki Giovanni is a phenomenal poet, and if you aren’t already familiar with her poetry, then you really should be. This memoir promises to be deeply moving, inspiring and compelling. It is noted that through her memoir, Giovanni will relay the experiences of her tumultuous childhood, she will speak of the poets who inspired her, and pay homage to her friend, the great Maya Angelou.


strange-weather4Strange Weather, by Joe Hill. Released October 24th, 2017.

Master of Horror, Joe Hill is releasing a collection of four short novels just in time for Halloween. When it comes to horror, Joe Hill is a genius. He is a master of weaving compelling, suspenseful, scary stories and crafting novels that are un-put-down-able. Bonus: Joe Hill will be in Lexington, Ky  signing copies of his new book on October 27th.



Hiddensee coverHiddensee, by Gregory Maguire. Released October 31st, 2017.

Lastly, the author of Wicked and Mirror, Mirror, Gregory Maguire is releasing a new book at the very end of the month. This novel is Maguire’s spin on the Nutcracker. As a long time admirer of Maguire’s bewitching, somewhat cynical, and enthralling storytelling, I can’t wait to see what he does with the Nutcracker. Set in the black forest of Bavaria and Munich, this novel promises to be every bit as entertaining as his previous collection.


Author: Lee Ann Fryman

Lee Ann is a poet, fiction writer, and blogger located in Lexington, Kentucky. She received an MA in English from Northern Kentucky University, and has BAs in Theatre and English from Morehead State University.

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