Month in Review: September 2017

September is my birth month, and as such it is my second favorite month of the year, my absolute favorite month being October. Duh. Because, Halloween. Feel free to disagree, feel free to be liberal with the application of your “basic’ label (a label I resent, and find dull. Who gets to decide what is ‘basic?’ How is a fondness for Autumn considered basic, when say enthusiasm for Summer, baseball, and the Fourth of July is not? Are not just as many people fond of the latter series of items as there are people fond of Autumn, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Hocus Pocus? And lastly, WHY do your preferences denote that you are ‘basic?’ This just seems like a lazy, and tired attempt for one sect of the female population to feel superior to the other. Similar to the expression “real women have curves,” which I also hate.) BUT, is there a more pleasant sensation than crisp autumn air, and crunching through fallen leaves. Of course there isn’t.

So, here is a list of books I read and movies I watched during the month of September to usher in the hap-happiest season of all (if you thought it was Christmas, you’re wrong.)

  1. The Sweep Series, by Cate Tiernan. This is both a guilty pleasure and a re-read for me. I first read the Sweep series, a series comprised of 15 YA novels that were released in the early 2000s, during my freshman year of high school. Back then, I was absolutely hooked, and as a 29 year-old, very little is different. I devoured these books (again) in about 3 weeks. The series follows Morgan Rowlands, a high school junior who finds out that she is a blood witch, as she learns about her heritage and navigates the perils of Wicca. This series has everything you could ever wish for in a guilty pleasure read, witches, high school drama, danger, and romance. Because I have read them so much, they feel familiar to me. To be extremely cliché about it, they feel like old friends. And for some reason, reading these books always makes me super excited for fall.
  2. The Child Finder, by Rene Denfeld. Which, I have already reviewed, so I won’t bore you with further details. If you are just finding my blog for the first time, you can read my review here!
  3. Practical Magic-the movie. Who does not love this bewitching film starring Sandra Bullock, Nichole Kidman, and Stockard Channing? If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix this very instant. Seriously, go do it RIGHT NOW. This movie is another old favorite of mine, I’ve watched it countless times and still don’t get bored. I love how the bond between sisters, both Sally and Gillian as well as Fraces and Jet, is central to the story. I love the music in the movie, I love all of the actors in the movie, in short I just love that movie!
  4. Practical Magic-the book, by Alice Hoffman. Earlier, I published a list of books coming out in October that I can’t wait to read. On that list, I included the prequel to this book, The Rules of Magic. I’ll be honest-this was my first time reading Practical Magic, and my first time reading Alice Hoffman. I wont say too much about it because I will be posting a review later this week, but I will say that although the book was waaaaayyy different from the movie I still had book hangover for days. I fell in love with Alice Hoffman’s writing and I can’t wait to keep reading her books.
  5. IT-My BF and I went to see this the day before my birthday, and it was rolled into the crazy fun time of my birthday weekend. We went on a Thursday night and the theater was packed. There’s something fun about seeing a horror movie for the first time in a crowded theater. Being along for the ride with a room full of other people, who are scared by the same things you are, screaming at the screen things you’ve been thinking the entire time (ok, that part isn’t always fun,) but still. It’s a great experience. Again, I don’t want to say too much here because I will be posting a review later this week, but this is a great movie. Go see it!
  6. Hocus Pocus. This is what I watched ON my birthday with my besties. Not only is this movie, in my opinion the penultimate Halloween film, it is also the very first movie that I ever saw in theaters. I have been in love with it ever since, and this movie will always, always, always occupy a very special place in my heart. I also credit this movie for helping to develop my fondness for Bette Midler.
  7. The Blair Witch Project. I am of the unpopular opinion that the Blair Witch Project is a great movie. For those of you not in the know (this movie came out in 1999, so how have you NOT seen it,) it is a found footage film about three student film makers who enter the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch. Long story short, they get lost in the woods and quickly realize that they are being relentlessly hunted by the blair witch. A lot of viewers find the found footage element to be annoying, but this film is unique because it popularized found footage films. This method adds an element of reality to the film that isn’t present in other horror movies, helping to create the sensation that the events captured therein are true. This movie also never shows the monster but, rather relies upon the imaginations of the viewers to do the heavy lifting.
  8. Nightmare on Elm Street. Obviously not a new movie, and also not my first time seeing it. I did go to a midnight showing at the Kentucky Theater (for those of you not from Lexington, this is an older theater down town Lexington that shows mainly indie movies, with a few larger releases as well as classic movies and a variety of live performances. If you ever decide to visit Lex, I highly recommend the Kentucky!) This was also interesting to see in a theater, as I have previously only viewed it at home. No one was really surprised by the horror elements of the film-the audience was mostly made up of fans of the film, but it was interesting to hear what parts of the movie got reactions.
  9. Mother. I expected this movie to be a little bit more of a horror movie, it was in actuality a psychological thriller that felt a little bit like a Greek tragedy. Overall, I liked it. I think. I’m no longer wildly impressed by JLaw, but I still think I liked it. I won’t say too much more about it, because again-I’ll be posting a review later.
  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also a midnight showing, also at the Kentucky Theatre. When my BF and I were standing in line outside, we thought we were the oldest people there. When we got inside, we were relieved to discover that we were not. Always comforting. This was my second time seeing the midnight show, with the live re-enactment running in tandem with the film. It was however, my first time seeing it sober. The midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is always a fun time, people screaming and throwing things. You get to get up and dance, there is sloppy live acting, and debauchery abound.

I think that’s it. That’s a pretty full month, all things considered. Especially when you factor in things like, you know, working for a living. But, stay tuned dear readers. There are more exciting things to come this week, and more thrilling Halloween adventures as we welcome in October.


Author: Lee Ann Fryman

Lee Ann is a poet, fiction writer, and blogger located in Lexington, Kentucky. She received an MA in English from Northern Kentucky University, and has BAs in Theatre and English from Morehead State University.

2 thoughts on “Month in Review: September 2017”

  1. The preview to Mother looked SO GOOD, and I agree, when seeing it I def got more of a thriller vibe than horror. IT was one of my fave recent movies. It wasn’t scary, the first one wasn’t scary to me either, but I loved the humor and the characters, UGH my babies. IT himself was pretty entertaining too! Hocus Pocus is one of my all-time faves. It’s a must that I watch it every year on Halloween, or I don’t feel complete lol. TBWP, NMOES, girl, you have me seriously wanting to watch everythingggggg right now!


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