An Attitude of Gratitude: What I’m Thankful for this November

As November comes to a close, I just want to take a moment and reflect upon the many, many things that I’m thankful for. This is a list, separate from the most obvious things like my kind and loving boyfriend, my family, my fur babies and my job, comprised of books, movies, etc…that I enjoy and that I am glad to have in my life. Continue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude: What I’m Thankful for this November”


Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong: a Book Review

Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong is one of my favorite books of 2017. It’s a novel that is made all the more impressive by considering that it is the author’s debut. It is a witty, poignant examination of what happens when things are falling apart and how to find your footing as you’re working your way through it. Continue reading “Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong: a Book Review”

Happy Death Day: a Film Review

Please forgive me, dear readers, for my prolonged tardiness. I have no excuse to offer you. Consistency is my biggest challenge as a blogger. It’s hard to carve out the time to post regularly, and even harder to motivate myself to sit down to write. However, I now present to you a review of the film HappyDeathDay, as promised. Continue reading “Happy Death Day: a Film Review”

The Blogger Recognition Award

I am VERY late with this post. Embarrassingly late. But better late than never, right?

Mihir Chakrapani at The Geeky Critic was kind enough to nominate me for the Blogger Recognition Award. The award is for bloggers to nominate other bloggers, in an effort to encourage writing and acknowledge the tremendous amount of work that goes into maintaining a blog. The award also seeks to create an environment for bloggers to review and reward one another’s work in a supportive environment. Continue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award”