An Attitude of Gratitude: What I’m Thankful for this November

As November comes to a close, I just want to take a moment and reflect upon the many, many things that I’m thankful for. This is a list, separate from the most obvious things like my kind and loving boyfriend, my family, my fur babies and my job, comprised of books, movies, etc…that I enjoy and that I am glad to have in my life.

  1. Taylor Swift. It’s no secret that I ADORE T-Swift. I nearly wet my pants with excitement when I received my copy of Reputation earlier this month. I admire how Tay has grown and evolved as a musician. I think she has shows a remarkable versatility, that most other Artists don’t. And to be honest, that makes her all the more interesting. There isn’t anything interesting or noteworthy about stagnation, life is about growing, learning and changing. Something that my girl Tay clearly knows all about.
  2. An oldie (in my world) but goodie: Harry Potter. I will always, always, always feel thankful that JK Rowling sat down and penned those blessed books. They changed my world at the tender age of 11, and they ensured that I would forever enjoy reading and always have a magical place to turn within the pages of a good book.
  3. Steele Magnolias. This movie will always be in my top 5. It doesn’t matter that I have probably watched it 100 times. It will always make me laugh, and it will always make me ugly cry, then laugh again. I adore all of the women in the movie, Sally Fields, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Darryl Hannah, and Julia Roberts (in that order.) In my mind, this is the only movie that is perfectly written, and that each role is performed perfectly.
  4. Gillian Flynn. Always. Thank you for the unreliable narrator, and all of the dark, twisty mysteries I love to read. Like Dark Places.
  5. And this one may throw many of you for a curve ball, but Miranda Lambert. Though she certainly isn’t new to the music industry, her music is new to me. For some reason, I’ve been denying that I’m a fan of country music. This is not true, I love classic country, I love 90’s country. I think I was just too pretentious to admit that contemporary country is good too, and Miranda Lambert is helping me realize this. I particularly love her album Platinum.

Author: Lee Ann Fryman

Lee Ann is a poet, fiction writer, and blogger located in Lexington, Kentucky. She received an MA in English from Northern Kentucky University, and has BAs in Theatre and English from Morehead State University.

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