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Theft by Finding: a book review

The wonderful, hilarious, perfect human that is David Sedaris decided to release his diaries in book format. The first half spans the years 1977-2002 and was released on May 30th of this year. It is without a doubt, everything that I could have hoped for. As a long time admirer of Sedaris, I was particularly…

A Quiet Passion: a Film Review

As a long time admirer of Emily Dickinson, I wanted so badly to enjoy this film. Sadly, I just didn’t. To be honest the film felt stilted, it was like viewing the final project of a student filmmaker, rather than the sophisticated Emily Dickinson biopic I had paid to see.  The film opens with a glimpse Emily Dickinson’s days at Mount Holyoke, as viewers are introduced to a young Emily (Emma Bell.) These opening moments show Emily renouncing the constraints of her strictly pious educators, and detailing her own intricate opinions of God-something that will become a theme throughout the…

Bette Midler, Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero?

March is Women’s History month. To celebrate, I will publish one post featuring a strong, brave, or otherwise admirable woman per day. I’m getting the ball rolling with a profile of one of my life long heroes and one incredible, divine performer, Bette Midler. 

The Ways in which Taylor Swift is Every Woman

I know that it isn’t her style, but Tay should strongly consider covering Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman, because it’s all in her. Whoa, that sounded like a dick joke. It wasn’t. I’m just implying that although she is widely adored and equally as hated, Taylor Swift never quite gets the credit she deserves. Let me count the ways in which T-Swizzle is amaze-dizzle. P.s. Taylor, if you’re reading this, I REALLY want to be your best friend.