My Visit to Flannery O’Connor’s Childhood Home

This post is a little bit different in format from my previous posts. While it is literary related, it is also a bit of a hybrid post, in that it is part travel post. Firstly, I feel like I should let you know that a life-long dream of mine is to embark upon a multitude of literary road trips, and visit the homes of authors that I admire. While I’ve been dreaming about doing this for years, I finally got started this past summer with a visit to Flannery O’Connor’s childhood home, in Savannah, GA. I’m going to give an overview of O’Connor, and then tell you about my visit to her childhood home and share some of my pictures. Later this week, I will also share discussions of some of her works. Continue reading “My Visit to Flannery O’Connor’s Childhood Home”